December 14, 2012

We Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

While we were creeping down the stairs to have a peep at mom and Ol' St. Nick, we spied something that held far more intrigue.  The mistletoe hanging above this nefarious moment was made of felt!  We thought this mistletoe would work its magic on even less demonstrative lovers.  The green industrial felt leaves are generously adorned with white felt "berries" offering a whole season of smooches. 

Legend has it that when under the mistletoe, a lord could kiss a lass (or two) but he had to pluck one of the white berries with each stolen kiss.  Once all the berries were gone the maidens were safe for another year.  These permanent berries will keep the love flowing throughout the holidays!  Hang one or two above your entry or give them as gifts - either way we're betting you'll get more than a hug for your efforts.

So, if Mommy thinks you're tucked up in your bedroom fast asleep, leave a note to her (and Santa Claus) that you've rushed over to Winnow to check out the felt mistletoe and all of the other seasonal goods in the shop.  Oh, and we can't keep this a secret from Daddy - we want him to come to Winnow too!  And that's no laughing matter.

April 21, 2012

Cooking Up Some Love for Moms

Our wonderful friends at Hands Together: A Center for Children and Families have done it again.  We fell in love with them a couple of years ago when they whipped up the wonderful felt birds and linen birds that we sell.   The birds are hand made by participants in the Hands Together  Morning Garden Program which serves the needs of the transient families with pre-school children living near the downtown core of Santa Ana.  

But now we have a whole new reason to fall in love all over again.  Just in time for Mother's Day, they have come out with the best-ever Community Service Cookbook.  Morning Garden Comes to Your Table is a 256 page collection of their favorite menus, original recipes, and interviews featuring the personal stories of their Morning Garden moms.  The cookbook menus follow the four seasons and are each are made with fresh seasonal ingredients.
The Morning Garden Program cooks in a church kitchen and their pantry is meager, but out of that culinary discoveries have been made.  While their kitchen is basic, they passionately choose to cook from scratch and consistently strive to reflect the seasons.  In fact, the philosophy of the cookbook is "to pursue fresh and seasonal ingredients, and to involve the whole family in the shopping, the cooking, the sitting, the eating, and the sharing at the family table."

So, for the mom in your family (even if it's you), drop by Winnow and grab a big helping of love. 
These wonderful cookbooks are only $24.95 and all proceeds benefit the Morning Garden Program.

September 15, 2011

Git along little doggies....

Well, we hate to say goodbye but our current show, Creature Comforts, will be taken down next week. 

"Full Speed" by Tamara Thornton (sold)

We have so enjoyed just staring at the dynamic brush strokes and the exciting subjects of Tamara Thornton's oils. The vibrant action of her dogs at the beach or the nobility of her pet posed at home have brought pure joy to our little shop.

"Gustav" by Dominique McKenzie (sold)
Dominique McKenzie's watercolors with her soulful dogs and her vibrant colors were a great compliment to the show.  We love that our very own shop dogs, Meggie and Penny are right up there with her other dogs.  We have had many inquiries about Domi's commissions, and hope that some of your pets will soon be joining her portfolio of fabulous dogs (and cats as well, but we don't like to say it too loud when any dogs are around).

"Meggie", "Brutus" and "Kay" by Dominique McKenzie

Dominique (white skirt) and Cari (hat) discuss their work with interested patrons

Cari Garfield's amazing photographs of our feathered friends around Back Bay made a delightful display around our own wooden and metal birds, birdbaths and feeders.  The rich colors in her photographs created the perfect complement to our MUD Australia porcelain, and reminded us of the beautiful creatures that can be seen everyday in our own Back Bay nature preserve. 

Photo by Cari Garfield

We hate to see the work of these three exceptional artists leave us, but they are still up for one more week so leash up your pup and come to Winnow for a doggie treat.  You'll also be treated to a wonderful show.

September 09, 2011


Remember when you were a kid and your mom and dad got you a shiny new bike?  Of course it had to have a bike bell on it, and of course you would ring it, and ring it, and ring it until your thumb was tired.   The best thing was when you would ride up behind your friend and ring your bell and scare them. We  remember this all too fondly and when we saw these bicycle bells we became immediately nostalgic... 
In a world of Mr. Armstrong and titanium frames it's nice to know that some things remain the same.  From our friends at Ring I Like My Bike, these bells are great for anyone who still loves the breeze blowing through their hair, the sound of the tires running along the pavement, and that oh-too-familiar sound of the ring of a bike bell.  So hop on your best form of exercise and your too cool eco-friendly ride and head down to Winnow for a shiny new bike bell!  We'll be happy to ring one up for you!

$12.00 each

August 25, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me.....

Little birdie baby rattles have landed and are nesting here at Winnow. They are part of a collection of adorable rattles made by hand by artisans from Yellow-Label-Kids. They are a company that supports Fair Trade Practices.  In addition to the birdies, we have all manner of goodies to temp young and old - cupcakes, doughnuts, ice cream cones, lollypops, fruits and vegetables. They are sure to make you smile.

$9 - $10 each

July 29, 2011


Here's a puzzle you won't be working on all night long.  We love this accent pillow becasue it combines things we three Winnow partners love.  It's a puzzle (that's Brad's thing), it's wood (that's Linda's thing) and it's natural cotton flannel (that's Amy's thing).  This pillow will look great tucked on a chair, tossed on a bed, or nestled in a basket.  The wonderfully talented folks at Simplemente Blanco have created other pillow offerings including wooden spools, crocheted twine, and leather strings - so many choices and we love them all.  So we've solved your decorating dilema, now all you have to do is solve the puzzle of how you will make it to the shop!

Puzzle Pillow $88

July 13, 2011

Puttin' on the Dog (and cats and birds)

Well, it's not raining Cats and Dogs at Winnow but we are awash with artwork from three wonderful artists whose subjects are less than still life.  In fact we would imagine they barely sit still long enough to capture a whisker but each artist has given personality to each of their subjects.
Tamara Thornton has magnificently portayed the character of her canine subjects in oil - a lively and rich combination of color and brush strokes gives character and life to dogs being noble, playing catch, day dreaming, and just being pups - but these are not only for dog lovers, they would be an awesome addition to anyone's art collection (center image above).

Cari Garfield has caught on film what we all see in animals.  Their beauty and nobility, their spirit and their survival struggles.  A keen observer of the wildlife all around us in the Newport Bay area, she has captured the essence of bird and sea life, sometimes with great action shots and other times simply capturing the beauty of the moment (image at right above).

Dominique McKenzie uses watercolor on non-absorbent Yupo.  Her dynamic use of color speaks to the heart of each of her subjects.  An unabashed animal lover with two dogs of her own (currently), she enjoys finding and revealing the spirit and personality of a pet.  She is available to do commissions, and the variety of her work can be seen on her website at (image at left above)

Their work will be on exhibit at Winnow from July 16, 2011 through Labor Day Weekend.

Please join us for the Artists Reception, Saturday July 16, 2011,  4:00 - 7:00pm

July 01, 2011

She Sells Sea Shells

We're not sure what mermaids do to relax - for the most part they don't seem to have much stress...but if they did, they would probably float around and make these incredible kelp and knotted seaweed baskets.  Our friend, LA artist Leah Danberg, has turned seaweed basketry into an art form.  Her kelp baskets will make your head swim!  Each one is unique and exquisite - some are woven more simply and some appear almost crocheted - and all are adorned with something from the sea - either a shell, a pearl, or kelp pods.   So dive in and flap your fins on over to Winnow and check these out  -  and if you don't know a mermaid, we think a merman will appreciate these as well. 
Prices range from $40 to $125

June 17, 2011

Shake Rattle and Roll

Get down babies!  We can't decide which of our knitted baby rattles we love the best because we love them all!  Perhaps our favorite is the donuts with sprinkles on top... but then we got the wonderful birdies and well, if you have been in the shop you know our love for birds, so there you go.  The little blue owl - well he's just the best!  And our long-running favorites are the knitted fruits and vegetables - What a way to get your little tyke to love cauliflower and carrots - you'll be encouraging them to play with their food!  Above all else, we love their story - Yellow Label Kids is a member of the Fair Trade Federation which supports fair wages and safe working conditions for artisans AND is also environmentally responsible.  What more could you want to give your baby than a safe toy made with organic bamboo yarn?  So shake, rattle, and roll your way down to Winnow and check out all our toys...even if you don't have a child of your own.

June 08, 2011

One If By Land, Two If By Sea

Whether you are alerting the arrival of "overseas visitors" or simply lighting an outdoor barbque, we have the lantern that's perfect for your decor and the occasion. You can light up the patio with a grouping of our great blown glass and wire lanterns or set just one of our large rattan lanterns in the center of the table.  We see our rusted cage lanterns on each end of a mantel for a simple statement and our small black metal lanterns hanging in a Japanese garden.  You can light a path with our votive lanterns and set a festive garden table with our galvanized pillars.  We really do have a love for lanterns and can't pass up most of the ones we find - maybe it's the anticipated glow of candlelight or just the superb shape.  Whatever it is we have a lantern that fits the bill.  We might even have one or two for a belfry! 

Don't forget:  This Saturday from 9am-1pm is the Flea Market in Pelican Courtyard (immediately behind Winnow) 
Vendors include Cascas Imports, Joie de Jewels, Gail's Island Shells, Quenchwear, JillyBGreen, Simple Peace, Ellen Gladis Art and more, PLUS refreshments!
Winnow hours on Saturday will be 9-5:30.